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Eco-artist meets Green Leaf-from-Young-Tree

May 27, 2021

In preparation for the Deep Listening with Dr. Ines workshop on Eternal Forest I went out to meet a young community of Tree-Plants that are growing up together around Tree stump in the front yard of our rented house. They looked to be some kind of Elm, Mountain Ash and Choke Cherry, all wild and cheerful in their spring-green garments.

After introducing myself and explaining why I was there, I offered a hair and received green-Leaf-from -Young Tree, firm and wet with dew. There was one condition though- I had to come back and share what I do with it. I agreed.

In the DL exercise I felt into and with Leaf who is now floppy and rough. As I listened deeper I could hear/feel/see the radiating echoes of life as they had flowed just an hour ago out through its leaf-veins. I drew these life-lines along with the top peak of the leaf across the top of my page.

When I opened my eyes to look at my drawing I was surprised to see that it looked just like the tributaries that run off of my River Lhtakoh and the Mountains that sit in River’s source in the north.

I thought to myself, Leaf-from-Young Tree is very charming, clever and wise. It carries within its tiny body the image of its Nature Elders even to its last moments of life.

When the facilitator invited us to ask for words, I heard, “Picked Lifeless.”

The next day I went out and told Young Tree what I did with Leaf in the workshop. It took awhile because Young Tree wanted to know all the details.

When I mentioned that I thought Tree was clever to have shown me its community elders in my drawing, Tree simply replied, “I am always connected.”


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