The Water Field Experiments

for more than a decade I travelled all over the world in answer to a spiritual call I heard from a particular Tree or Water body. wondered why I was building such deep abiding intimacy with so many bodies of Water and Trees around the world, then covid 19 appeared on earth, I was no longer able to travel and I soon understood why 

Chronology of Water Field (WF) Experiments & Artist Reports

July 2020 - group on-line experiences in the WF began (on-going) 
Aug 2020 - 1:1 sessions in the WF began (on-going) (6)
Jan 6, 2021 - 12hr. durational WF experiment, 6 people, 7 Days of Rest
Feb 2, 2021 - 24 hr. WF experiment, 9 women, Perpetual Choir for Water
April 19 2021 - first connection with a Watershed, Mississippi River for Global Freshwater Summit 

Series #1 - I AM A WATER BODY - an eco-lab in the WF
Feb. 23, 2021 - eco-lab pilot #1
Mar. 1, 2021 - eco-lab pilot #2
Mar. 3, 2021 - eco-lab pilot #3
Mar. 6, 2021 - eco-lab pilot #4
Mar. 20, 2021 - eco-lab #5, public, World Water Day weekend, Voices for Water 
April 17, 2021 - eco-lab #6, public, Pre-Earth Week
April 23, 2021 - eco-lab #7, private, Elemental On-line Festival, France EU
April 27, 2021 - eco-lab #8, private, global organizers
April 29, 2021 - eco-lab #9, private, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, BC Community Advisors and Educators
May 18, 2021 - eco-lab #10, private, with Tessa Theresa, Women's Group, Fiji, South Pacific

Series #2 - I AM A WATER BODY - eco-lab in the WF
June 24, 2021 - eco-lab #11, translation into spanish, World Unity Week
The quantum space I call the Water Field revealed itself to me for the first time in July 2020 during an on-line Water Unity Meeting. Sensing an opening, I asked the group if we could bring Water's voice directly to the table to shed some light on our topic of discussion. With the group's agreement I opened the field with an invocation to my personal Water colleagues to join us and then invited each person at the table to call in one of their Water relatives, someone with whom they have a heart-bond.

As each River, Creek or Ocean Bay was called in I could feel their particular vibration join the field. By the time we had been around our virtual circle our presences had doubled and I could feel our group resonance was flowing through had shifted to 
The Water Field showed itself to me for the first time in July 2020 during an on-line meeting of the Water Unity Group. I asked if we could invite Water's voice directly to the table. With the group's agreement I opened the field with an invocation to my Water relations and invited each person to call in a body of Water that they love. Each time someone did this I could feel the unique frequency of that Water body join the field. After everyone had spoken I felt a council of coherence that was comprised of human and nature Water bodies.